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Anti-proliferative property of porcupine bezoar extract on melanoma (A375)

  title={Anti-proliferative property of porcupine bezoar extract on melanoma (A375)},
  author={Al'aina Yuhainis Firus Khan and Faizah Abdullah Asuhaimi and T. K. Jalal and H. Natto and Fatimah Opeyemi Roheem and Q. Ahmed and M. Johan and Ridzwan Hashim and R. A. Wahab},
Porcupine bezoar (PB) has been previously reported to possess various medicinal properties. However, its potential as an anticancer agent against human cancers is still poorly studied and understood. Hence, in this study, porcupine bezoar (PB) aqueous extract was evaluated for its potential as a safe anticancer agent. Initially PB was infused in water for 18 h to get PB aqueous extract which was preliminary tested for total phenolic content (TPC), total flavonoid content (TFC), DPPH activity in… CONTINUE READING
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