Anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Formosan Toddalia asiatica.

  title={Anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Formosan Toddalia asiatica.},
  author={I L Tsai and Maung Wun and Che M. Teng and T Ishikawa and Ih-Sheng Chen},
  volume={48 8},
Examination on the wood of Formosan Toddalia asiatica led to the isolation of 30 compounds, including coumarins, alkaloids, a benzoquinone and an amine. Among the isolates, (+/-)-toddanin and (-)-isocoreximine are new compounds, while cyclohexylamine was isolated for the first time from nature. The structures of the compounds were elucidated from spectroscopic data and chemical evidence. Bioassay-guided fractionation led to the isolation of seven compounds showing strong anti-platelet… Expand
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N-Cyclohexyl amides and a dimeric coumarin from formosan Toddalia asiatica
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1HNMR Chemical Shift Values for Aromatic Protons in 2,3,9,10- and 2,3,10,11-tetrasubstituted Tetrahydroprotoberberine Alkaloids.
The (1)HNMR (CDCl (3)) data on 28 tetrahydroprotoberberine alkaloids have shown that it is possible, from the chemical shift values observed for the aromatic protons, not only to determine theExpand