Anti-peptide monoclonal antibodies to intestinal mucin 3.

  title={Anti-peptide monoclonal antibodies to intestinal mucin 3.},
  author={Vasso Apostolopoulos and Pei Xiang Xing and Ian F.C. Mckenzie},
  journal={Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology},
  volume={10 5},
Second generation anti-peptide monoclonal antibodies were produced using synthetic peptide SIB35 (C-HSTPSFTSSITTTETTSHSTPSFTSSITTTETTS) as an antigen which contains two of the MUC3 tandem repeats. Three monoclonal antibodies were produced (M3.1, M3.2 and M3.3) which reacted with the immunizing peptide, but also reacted strongly with colon tissues. Using the immunoperoxidase staining technique, two of the monoclonal antibodies, M3.1 and M3.2, reacted with both colon carcinoma and normal colon… CONTINUE READING
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