Anti-microbial activity of human CAP18 peptides.

  title={Anti-microbial activity of human CAP18 peptides.},
  author={James W. Larrick and Masato Hirata and Jie Zhong and Susan C. Wright},
  journal={Immunotechnology : an international journal of immunological engineering},
  volume={1 1},
BACKGROUND CAP18 derived from rabbit leukocytes is a 142-amino acid protein recently demonstrated to have Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) binding and anti-microbial activity. The C-terminal 37 amino acids of rabbit CAP18 (CAP18(106-142) comprise the LPS-binding and anti-microbial domain. The homologous domain of human CAP18 (huCAP18(104-140) was identified from the recently cloned human CAP18 cDNA. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the antimicrobial activity of C-terminal peptides derived from human CAP18… CONTINUE READING


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