Anti-interleukin-13 antibody therapy for asthma: one step closer.


C urrent guidelines for the treatment of asthma recommend inhaled corticosteroids for all patients with persistent asthma. Despite the increasing use of these drugs, asthma remains poorly controlled in a small subset of individuals who do not respond fully to existing therapies. The medical needs of these patients have prompted a search for new medications that inhibit specific molecular targets thought to play key roles in asthma pathogenesis.

DOI: 10.1183/09031936.00124212

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@article{Corren2013Antiinterleukin13AT, title={Anti-interleukin-13 antibody therapy for asthma: one step closer.}, author={Jonathan Corren}, journal={The European respiratory journal}, year={2013}, volume={41 2}, pages={255-6} }