Anti-inflammatory effects of low-dose oral theophylline in atopic asthma.

  title={Anti-inflammatory effects of low-dose oral theophylline in atopic asthma.},
  author={Paul M. Sullivan and Samia Bekir and Z. H. Jaffar and Clive Page and Penny Jeffery and John Costello},
  volume={343 8904},
Theophylline, in addition to its bronchodilator effect, may attenuate inflammation in asthma. We did a double-blind placebo-controlled study of the effect of oral theophylline on the inflammatory response of the bronchial mucosa to inhalation of allergen in 19 atopic asthmatic subjects. Bronchoscopy and bronchial biopsy were done 24 hours after allergen inhalation before and after six weeks of treatment with oral slow-release theophylline, 200 mg 12 hourly. The mean serum concentration was 36.6… CONTINUE READING
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