Anti-inflammatory effects of kappa-opioids in adjuvant arthritis.

  title={Anti-inflammatory effects of kappa-opioids in adjuvant arthritis.},
  author={Judith S. Walker and Cameron Rolfe Howlett and V. V. Nayanar},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={57 4},
Current therapies for arthritis are unsatisfactory and cause serious side effects and morbidity. It has been postulated that opioid drugs may block inflammatory mediators and attenuate the joint damage in adjuvant arthritis. However, the importance of opioid receptor subtypes involved in inflammation remains to be determined because data are conflicting in this regard. The present investigation was designed to test the effects of both a kappa-agonist, (+/-)U50488H and a kappa-antagonist, MR2266… CONTINUE READING