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Anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous extract of Daniellia oliveri ( Fabaceae ) SORO

  title={Anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous extract of Daniellia oliveri ( Fabaceae ) SORO},
  author={Tianga Yaya and Mian Jean Claude and Coulibaly and Sirabana and N. S. Anthelme and T. Flavien},
Daniellia oliveri is a common plant in Africa and widely used by the population. It is found in the wooded savannahs as well as in dry forests. The medicinal properties of Daniellia oliveri are attributed to its different parts. Thus the leaves are used to treat various diseases such as inflammation, fever and pain. The comparative study of the aqueous extract of leaves Daniellia oliveri and the indomethacin (INDOCID) on inflammation induced by carrageenan on the right hind paw of the rats… Expand


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