Anti-inflammatory actions of an N-terminal peptide from human lipocortin 1.

  title={Anti-inflammatory actions of an N-terminal peptide from human lipocortin 1.},
  author={Giuseppe Antonio Cirino and Carla Cicala and Ludovico Sorrentino and G. Ciliberto and G. Arpaia and Mauro Perretti and Roderick John Flower},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={108 3},
An acetylated polypeptide corresponding to residues 2-26 of human lipocortin 1 was synthesized and the anti-inflammatory activity assessed in three models of acute inflammation in rat and mouse. In the carrageenin rat paw oedema test, the peptide produced a maximal inhibition of approximately 41% at the 3 h time point with a 10 micrograms dose. When rat paw oedema was induced by the injection of venom phospholipase A2, the peptide produced a significant inhibition (31%) at the top dose of 20… CONTINUE READING
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