Anti-idiotypic antibodies to monoclonal antibody CO17-1A.

  title={Anti-idiotypic antibodies to monoclonal antibody CO17-1A.},
  author={Dorothee M Herlyn and H. Sears and Dimitrios C. Iliopoulos and Michael D. Lubeck and J. Y. Douillard and William F Sindelar and Margaret Tempero and H{\aa}kan Mellstedt and Michael Maher and Hilary Koprowski},
  volume={5 Suppl 1},
Anti-idiotypic antibodies (Ab2) raised during the course of monoclonal antibody (MAb) therapy against anti-colorectal carcinoma (CRC) MAb CO17-1A were characterized in 142 patients with carcinomas of the colon, rectum or pancreas. Ab2 comprised between 21 and 80% of the total human anti-mouse IgG antibodies in various patients, and up to 42 micrograms of Ab2 were isolated per ml serum. In one patient significant levels of Ab2 could be detected for greater than 770 days. Between 20 and 70% of… CONTINUE READING

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