Corpus ID: 90135916

Anti-hepcidin antibody and uses thereof

  title={Anti-hepcidin antibody and uses thereof},
  author={カイ・ユピン・アンソニー and タン,イン and デニス・パトリック・ゲートリー and デリック・ライアン・ウィッチャー and ドンミエン・ドーン・マン・レウン and バーバラ・アン・スワンソン and ペン・ルアン and ルホン・ヘ},
Selectively binds human hepcidin-25, and having high affinity and a strong human mature hepcidin neutralizing properties against human hepcidin-25, the monoclonal antibodies are provided. Antibodies of the present invention, serum iron levels in humans, reticulocyte count, red blood cell count, to increase hemoglobin, and / or hematocrit, and the treatment and diagnosis of diseases promoted by mature hepcidin such anemia in a human subject therapeutically useful for. 

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