Anti-estrogenic activity of fifty chemicals evaluated by in vitro assays.

  title={Anti-estrogenic activity of fifty chemicals evaluated by in vitro assays.},
  author={Joohee Jung and Kunie Ishida and Tsutomu Nishihara},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={74 25},
We examined the anti-estrogenic activity of 50 chemicals by the yeast two-hybrid assay and detected the activity of hexachlorophene, pentachlorophenol, and vitamin K3 (menadione), in that order. These chemicals were also observed to inhibit the transcriptional activity of 17beta-estradiol in a reporter gene assay system using MCF-7 cells, estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells, and to bind directly to estrogen receptor alpha in a competitive binding assay system, although the order of… CONTINUE READING

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