Anti-cachectin/TNF monoclonal antibodies prevent septic shock during lethal bacteraemia

  title={Anti-cachectin/TNF monoclonal antibodies prevent septic shock during lethal bacteraemia},
  author={K. Tracey and Y. Fong and D. Hesse and K. Manogue and A. Lee and G. Kuo and S. Lowry and A. Cerami},
Bacterial infection of the mammalian bloodstream can lead to overwhelming sepsis, a potentially fatal syndrome of irreversible cardiovascular collapse (shock) and critical organ failure. Cachectin, also known as tumour necrosis factor, is a macrophage-derived peptide hormone released in response to bacterial lipopolysaccharide, and it has been implicated as a principal mediator of endotoxic shock, although its function in bacterial sepsis is not known. Anaesthetized baboons were passively… Expand
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