Anti-apoptotic activity of low levels of wild-type p53.

  title={Anti-apoptotic activity of low levels of wild-type p53.},
  author={Patrice Lassus and Mariagrazia Ferlin and Jacques Piette and Ursula Hibner},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={15 17},
Induction of apoptosis is a function of both an external stimulus and the physiology of the cell, which includes the expression of multiple oncogenes and tumor suppressors. Here we have studied the apoptotic response of immortalized mouse fibroblasts to serum withdrawal. We show that, in addition to the p53-independent apoptosis observed in p53- cells, overexpression of wild-type p53 tumor suppressor results in a high rate of programmed cell death. However, physiological range, low levels of… CONTINUE READING

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