Anti-angiogenesis and RGD-containing snake venom disintegrins.

  title={Anti-angiogenesis and RGD-containing snake venom disintegrins.},
  author={Stephen D. Swenson and Swapnika Ramu and Francis S. Markland},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={13 28},
Angiogenesis is the fundamental process by which new blood vessels are formed. Extensive research has shown that this event can be co-opted by tumors to ensure their growth, survival and metastasis. The study of tumor angiogenesis therefore represents a promising area of research for development of anti-cancer therapeutics. Integrins, a family of cell surface molecules, are a major target of interest as they are known to play a vital role in pathological angiogenesis. Remarkably, small… CONTINUE READING

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