Anti- and pro-oxidant activity of rutin and quercetin derivatives.

  title={Anti- and pro-oxidant activity of rutin and quercetin derivatives.},
  author={M. Kessler and Genevi{\`e}ve Ubeaud and Louis Jung},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology},
  volume={55 1},
Some semi-synthetic flavonoids, particularly derivatives of rutin, are used as therapeutic agents in the treatment of diseases involving free radicals. Here, for the first time, a complete study has been made of the relationship between the structure of such molecules and their superoxide, hydroxyl and peroxyl radical scavenging activity. The molecules chosen for this study were rutin, its aglycone (quercetin), and their methyl ethyl and hydroxyl-ethyl derivatives. Our results are consistent… CONTINUE READING


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