Anti-allergic Hydroxy Fatty Acids from Typhonium blumei Explored through ChemGPS-NP

  title={Anti-allergic Hydroxy Fatty Acids from Typhonium blumei Explored through ChemGPS-NP},
  author={M. Korinek and Yi-Hong Tsai and M. El-Shazly and Kuei-Hung Lai and A. Backlund and Shou-Fang Wu and Wan-Chun Lai and Tung-Ying Wu and Shu-li Chen and Y. Wu and Yuan-Bin Cheng and Tsong-Long Hwang and Bing-Hung Chen and Fang-Rong Chang},
  journal={Frontiers in Pharmacology},
  • M. Korinek, Yi-Hong Tsai, +11 authors Fang-Rong Chang
  • Published 2017
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Frontiers in Pharmacology
  • Increasing prevalence of allergic diseases with an inadequate variety of treatment drives forward search for new alternative drugs. Fatty acids, abundant in nature, are regarded as important bioactive compounds and powerful nutrients playing an important role in lipid homeostasis and inflammation. Phytochemical study on Typhonium blumei Nicolson and Sivadasan (Araceae), a folk anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory medicine, yielded four oxygenated fatty acids, 12R-hydroxyoctadec-9Z,13E-dienoic acid… CONTINUE READING
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