Anti-aggregant tau mutant promotes neurogenesis

  title={Anti-aggregant tau mutant promotes neurogenesis},
  author={Maria Joseph and Marta Anglada-Huguet and Katharina Paesler and Eckhard Mandelkow and E. -M. Mandelkow},
  booktitle={Molecular Neurodegeneration},
The microtubule-associated protein Tau plays a role in neurodegeneration as well as neurogenesis. Previous work has shown that the expression of the pro-aggregant mutant Tau repeat domain causes strong aggregation and pronounced neuronal loss in the hippocampus whereas the anti-aggregant form has no deleterious effects. These two proteins differ mainly in their propensity to form ß structure and hence to aggregate. To elucidate the basis of these contrasting effects, we analyzed organotypic… CONTINUE READING