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Anti-Suicide Laws in Nine African Countries: Criminalization, Prosecution and Penalization

  title={Anti-Suicide Laws in Nine African Countries: Criminalization, Prosecution and Penalization},
  author={Mensah Adinkrah},
  journal={African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies},
  • M. Adinkrah
  • Published 7 November 2016
  • Sociology
  • African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies
Although several countries and jurisdictions across the globe have repealed their legal statutes criminalizing suicide attempts (or nonfatal suicidal behavior), suicide attempt remains a crime in several African countries. In these countries, a suicide attempt puts the suicide attempt survivor at risk for criminal apprehension, prosecution and penalization. The current article provides an overview of anti-suicide laws in nine selected African countries. In addition, it presents the results of a… Expand
Criminalising Mental Disorder-Induced Attempted Suicide in Malaysia: Breaking the Silence
Every 40 years, a person commits suicide somewhere in the world. Suicide claims the lives of over 800,000 individuals each year, accounting for about 1.4 percent of all deaths globally. In thisExpand
Police Views of Suicidal Persons and the Law Criminalizing Attempted Suicide in Ghana: A Qualitative Study With Policy Implications
The penal code of Ghana condemns suicide attempt. The present study sought to explore the views of the police on persons who attempt suicide and the law criminalizing the act. Qualitative in-depthExpand
Frequency of suicide attempts and attitudes toward suicidal behaviour among doctors and nurses in Lagos, Nigeria
The frequency of suicide attempts is higher among doctors and nurses when compared to the general population because of significant differences in the type of profession and levels of self-rated irritation toward suicide. Expand
Suicide behaviour among adolescents in a high HIV prevalence region of western Kenya: A mixed-methods study
Effective programmes to identify and support sexually active, pregnant, and distressed adolescents at risk for suicide are needed in sub-Saharan African rural areas with limited mental health services. Expand
From condemnation to understanding: Views on suicidal behavior in Ghana in transition
The authors have re-emphasized the importance of culture by reviewing the two major meanings of suicide as observed in Ghana: moral transgression and life crisis and showed the usefulness of the life crisis perspective of suicidality in reducing stigma and sustaining advocacy in decriminalizing attempted suicide in the country. Expand
Analysis of media reporting of suicidal behavior in Nigeria
Abstract Objective : This study was designed to analyze the content, quality, and adherence of media reporting of suicidal behavior in Nigeria from 2016 to 2019 using the responsible reporting onExpand
Human Rights-Based Reform of Criminal Law in Africa
The laws of most African states found their way to the African continent through the wave of colonialism. African states have since attained independence and have committed to upholding human rights.Expand
Trends and patterns of suicidal behaviour in Nigeria: Mixed-methods analysis of media reports from 2016 to 2019
There are gender and age differences in the trends and patterns of suicidal behaviour in Nigeria using media reports from 2016 to 2019, and this study confirms that there are genderand age differences. Expand
Macro-level mental health system indicators and cross-national suicide rates
High-income countries are significantly more likely to have high number of mental health professionals, mental health policies and legislation, independent mental health authority and suicide prevention programs, and countries scoring high on these factors have higher odds of being categorized as high suicide risk countries. Expand
Counselling in the context of suicidal ideation in Malaysia
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Criminal Prosecution of Suicide Attempt Survivors in Ghana
  • M. Adinkrah
  • Medicine
  • International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology
  • 2013
The findings indicate that the majority of defendants pled guilty to or were found guilty of the charge and sentenced to penalties ranging from monetary fines to incarceration, and the results are discussed with regard to their implications for reducing nonfatal suicidal behavior in Ghana. Expand
Epidemiologic characteristics of suicidal behavior in contemporary Ghana.
Examining police-recorded data on suicidal behavior in Ghana indicates that the persons most prone to suicidal behavior were male, young, and poor, and the most frequent methods used were hanging, the ingestion of poisons, and shooting. Expand
Patterns of Female Suicidal Behavior in Ghana
It is concluded that additional research on female suicidal behavior in Africa and other non-Western societies is warranted to develop a more precise understanding of suicidality. Expand
Suicide in late colonial Africa: the evidence of inquests from Nyasaland.
  • M. Vaughan
  • History, Medicine
  • The American historical review
  • 2010
The intellectual history of suicide in Africa can shed light on the issue, as can some evidence from the British colony of Nyasaland (now Malawi) in the late colonial period. Expand
Better dead than dishonored: masculinity and male suicidal behavior in contemporary Ghana.
  • M. Adinkrah
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 2012
It was revealed that reported cases of fatal and nonfatal suicidal behavior overwhelmingly involved males, and the majority of males who engaged in suicidal acts did so to deal with feelings of shame and dishonor of variable sources. Expand
Attributes of Patients with Suicide Attempts Seen At the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital within a Year: A Case Series
5 case reports of patients with suicide attempts who were managed at the NDUTH within the period of one year are presented to identify factors that are common among these patients and which could be highly associated with their suicidal behaviors. Expand
Pattern of suicide in Nigeria: The Niger Delta Experience
A 10-year retrospective study of suicide cases reported to the Coroner in Rivers and Abia states of Nigeria shows that the choice of how to die often depends on the most available and most convenient means at hand. Expand
Suicide in urban Kampala, Uganda: a preliminary exploration.
The retrospective review of records at Mulago hospital was beset by incomplete records whereas a pilot psychological autopsy study was well accepted and might contribute valuable data in African settings. Expand
Suicide and Mortuary Beliefs and Practices of the Akan of Ghana
Traditional Akan mortuary beliefs and practices governing suicidal death are explored, including those concerning public mourning, burial rites and funeral obsequies, and the notification of suicide deaths to the political authorities of the land. Expand
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