Anti-Slavic imagery in German radical nationalist discourse at the turn of the twentieth century: a prelude to Nazi ideology?

  title={Anti-Slavic imagery in German radical nationalist discourse at the turn of the twentieth century: a prelude to Nazi ideology?},
  author={Sylvia Jaworska},
  journal={Patterns of Prejudice},
  pages={435 - 452}
  • S. Jaworska
  • Published 17 November 2011
  • Sociology
  • Patterns of Prejudice
ABSTRACT By applying methods of cognitive metaphor theory, Jaworska examines metaphorical scenarios employed in the discourse of anti-Slavism, which featured prominently in radical nationalist propaganda in Germany at the turn of the twentieth century. She does so by analysing metaphorical expressions used to refer to the Polish population living in the eastern provinces of Prussia, in the so-called Ostmark. Her article is based on an analysis of a range of pamphlets and newspaper articles… 
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Aus unserer Ostmark. Realpolitische Betrachtungen
    84) was a German poet and writer
    • his poem 'Deutschlands Beruf
    Eine neue Polenpolitik?!', 15; and 'Die Frage der slawischen Gefahr in der Ostmark
    • Zwanzig Jahre Alldeutscher Arbeit und Kämpfe
    Die preußischen Ostmarken, 61. 83 'Die politischen Ergebnisse der Rassenforschung
      Die Frage der slawischen Gefahr in der Ostmark', 72; 'Eine andere deutsche Polenpolitik
        Eine andere deutsche Polenpolitik
          Eine neue Polenpolitik?!', 15. 88 'Unsere Polenpolitik
          • Alldeutsche Blätter
          Wenn ich der Kaiser wär