Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia - new enemies, old patterns

  title={Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia - new enemies, old patterns},
  author={Sabine Schiffer and Constantin Wagner},
  journal={Race \& Class},
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The authors argue that to compare Islamophobia with anti-Semitism is not to equate them. But finding some parallels might help German society to combat a growing and dangerous anti-Muslim racism. 
Islamophobia as a form of governmentality : Unbearable weightiness of the politics of fear
The aim of this paper is to provide a review of the contemporary literature on Islamophobia in Europe, through the lens of immigration issues, socio-economic status and civic participation of Musli
Countering Islamophobia in Germany
This chapter identifies ten key dominant Islamophobic narratives and the ten key dominant counter narratives to Islamophobia operating in Germany. Islamophobic narratives were found to fix Muslims
Introduction: Islamophobia and Racism
This chapter discusses the conceptualisation of Islamophobia as cultural racism by comparing it with anti-Semitism and theories of racism, as well as considering how Orientalism, imperialism and
Official antiracism and the limits of ‘Islamophobia’
ABSTRACT A liberal, state-sanctioned, ‘official’ antiracism structures academic and activist efforts to establish Islamophobia as a form of racism, as well as the conflict surrounding such efforts.
The View of Political Islam on Islamophobia: The Example of the National Outlook Movement
Abstract Islamophobia is a cultural based discrimination which targets the Muslim community. This research tries to be evaluate Islamophobia is from the viewpoint of Islamists in Turkey. As an
Schools of Thought in Islamophobia Studies: Prejudice, Racism, and Decoloniality
Anti-Muslim racism and Islamophobia are not just phenomena—they have increasingly become the focus of a new field of research: Islamophobia studies. Frequent national and international conferences
Islamophobia and Antisemitism are Different in Their Potential for Globalization
A widespread assumption in research on prejudice and hate crime is that Islamophobia and antisemitism are analogous phenomena: both travel easily across national and cultural boundaries and adapt to
Online Islamophobia and the politics of fear: manufacturing the green scare
Negative attitudes and explicit racism against Muslims are increasingly visible in public discourse throughout Europe. Right-wing populist parties have strengthened their positions by focusing on the
Islamophobia and Threat Perceptions: Explaining Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the West
This article investigates the determinants of anti-Muslim sentiment in the West. Starting from the premise that Islamophobic attitudes are more nuanced than a simple dislike of Muslims, I focus on
The Nature of Islamophobia: A Test of a Tripartite View in Five Countries
The novel measure—the Tripartite Islamophobia Scale (TIS)—embeds three theoretically and statistically grounded subcomponents of Islamophobia: anti-Muslim prejudice, anti-Islamic sentiment, and conspiracy beliefs, and results show that social dominance orientation and ingroup identification moderate intergroup emotions and Islamophobia.


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