Anti-Jamming Game to Combat Intelligent Jamming for Cognitive Radio Networks

  title={Anti-Jamming Game to Combat Intelligent Jamming for Cognitive Radio Networks},
  author={Khalid Ibrahim and Soon Xin Ng and Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi and Aqdas Naveed Malik and Sami Hakam Muhaidat},
  journal={IEEE Access},
Cognitive Radio (CR) provides a promising solution to the spectrum scarcity problem in dense wireless networks, where the sensing ability of cognitive users helps acquire knowledge of the environment. However, cognitive users are vulnerable to different types of attacks, due to its shared medium. In particular, jamming is considered as one of the most challenging security threats in CR networks. In jamming, an attacker jams the communication by transmitting a high power noise signal in the… 
An Intelligent Anti-Jamming Mechanism against Rule-based Jammer in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Sudha Y, Sarasvathi V
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications
  • 2022
The simulation results show that the proposed anti-jamming mechanism can effectively eliminate interference and is efficient in power usage and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) compared to other existing advanced algorithms.
Entice to Trap: Enhanced Protection against a Rate-Aware Intelligent Jammer in Cognitive Radio Networks
A defensive anti-jamming deception mechanism of the Pseudo Secondary User (PSU) is employed to as an entice to trap the attacker by providing thus enhanced protection for the rest of the network from the impact of the attacker.
Collaborative Anti-jamming Algorithm Based on Q-learning in Wireless Communication Network
Numerical results verify the superiority and substantive of the proposed CAAQ, which can simultaneously avoid the interference among the users and overcome the malicious jamming attack.