Anti-Intermittence Source Routing Protocol in Distributed Cognitive Radio Network


In this paper, based on distributed Cognitive Radio Networks, we have investigated the problem of intermittent connectivity in routing for either per link propagation time guarantee or global spectrum utilization, after efficiently analyzing broadcast TV system channel-usage model, we develop a novel collaborative strategy for spectrum and route selection. The main protocol mechanisms include routing discover, routing maintenance, and re-routing etc, which takes into account the opportunistic spectrum, the link disruption probabilities as well as the link propagation time between nodes. Simulation results show that, comparing to other typical approaches, our protocol provides better routing lifetime to the dynamic spectrum.

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@article{Gong2008AntiIntermittenceSR, title={Anti-Intermittence Source Routing Protocol in Distributed Cognitive Radio Network}, author={Lei Gong and Shoufeng Deng and Wanbin Tang and Shaoqian Li}, journal={2008 4th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing}, year={2008}, pages={1-6} }