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Anti-Integrability for 3-Dimensional Quadratic Maps

  title={Anti-Integrability for 3-Dimensional Quadratic Maps},
  author={Amanda Hampton and James D. Meiss},
We study the dynamics of the three-dimensional quadratic diffeomorphism using a concept first introduced thirty years ago for the Frenkel-Kontorova model of condensed matter physics: the anti-integrable (AI) limit. At the traditional AI limit, orbits of a map degenerate to sequences of symbols and the dynamics is reduced to the shift operator, a pure form of chaos. Under nondegeneracy conditions, a contraction mapping argument can show that infinitely many AI states continue to orbits of the… 


Chaotic trajectories in the standard map. The concept of anti-integrability
A rigorous proof is given in the standard map (associated with a Frenkel-Kontorowa model) for the existence of chaotic trajectories with unbounded momenta for large enough coupling constant k >k0.
AbstractWe study bifurcations of a three-dimensional diffeomorphism, g 0 , that has a quadratichomoclinic tangency to a saddle-focus fixed point with multipliers (λe iϕ ,λe − ,γ), where0 <λ<1 <|γ| and
Chaotic orbits for differentiable maps near anti-integrable limits
  • T. Chen, Wen-Wei Lin, Chen Chang Peng
  • Mathematics
  • 2016
Abstract In this work, we study the dynamical system which can be transformed into a difference equation of the form ϵ g ( x t − n 2 , … , x t , … , x t + n 1 ; ϵ ) + g 0 ( x t ) = 0 where ϵ ∈ R is a
Anti-integrability in dynamic and variational problems
Abstract We show using a series of examples that the existence of a singular limit called “anti-integrable” can be useful for proving the existence of chaotic solutions and elucidating some of their
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Stability of symbolic embeddings for difference equations and their multidimensional perturbations
Abstract In this paper, we study complexity of solutions of a high-dimensional difference equation of the form Φ ( x i − m , … , x i − 1 , x i , x i + 1 , … , x i + n ) = 0 , i ∈ Z , where Φ is a C 1
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Abstract Chaotic dynamics can be effectively studied by continuation from an anti-integrable limit. Using the Henon map as an example, we obtain a simple analytical bound on the domain of existence
Homoclinic bifurcations for the Hénon map
Abstract Chaotic dynamics can be effectively studied by continuation from an anti-integrable limit. We use this limit to assign global symbols to orbits and use continuation from the limit to study
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We investigate the global behavior of the quadratic diffeomorphism of the plane given byH(x,y)=(1+y−Ax2,Bx). Numerical work by Hénon, Curry, and Feit indicate that, for certain values of the
Chaotic difference equations in two variables and their multidimensional perturbations
We consider difference equations � λ(yn ,y n+1 ,...,y n+m) = 0, n ∈ Z ,o f order m with parameter λ close to that exceptional value λ0 for which the functiondepends on two variables: � λ0 (x0 ,...,x