Anti-Herpes Simplex Virus Effect of Camellia sinesis, Echiumamoenum and Nerium oleander

  title={Anti-Herpes Simplex Virus Effect of Camellia sinesis, Echiumamoenum and Nerium oleander},
  author={M. Farahani},
As viral resistance to available chemical drugs and virus latency duration causes problems in the treatment of herpes simplex virus type 1 infections, there is an evolving need for new anti-Herpes drugs. The present study evaluated the antiviral effect of Camellia sinesis, EchiumamoenumL and Nerium oleander with ethno medical background on HSV-1 multiplication. Plants were extracted with decoction method to obtain aqueous extracts. These extracts were screened for their cytotoxicity against Hep… Expand
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