Anti-HIV cyclotides from the Chinese medicinal herb Viola yedoensis.

  title={Anti-HIV cyclotides from the Chinese medicinal herb Viola yedoensis.},
  author={Conan K. Wang and Michelle L Colgrave and Kirk R Gustafson and David C Ireland and Ulf Goransson and David J. Craik},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={71 1},
Cyclotides are macrocyclic plant peptides characterized by a knotted arrangement of three disulfide bonds. They display a range of interesting bioactivities, including anti-HIV and insecticidal activities. More than 100 different cyclotides have been isolated from two phylogenetically distant plant families, the Rubiaceae and Violaceae. In this study we have characterized the cyclotides from Viola yedoensis, an important Chinese herb from the Violaceae family that has been reported to contain… CONTINUE READING

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