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Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves

  title={Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves},
  author={Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Edwards},
Bestseller! The eagerly awaited successor to the influential Anti-Bias Curriculum! Become a skilled anti-bias teacher with this volumeAEs practical guidance to confronting and eliminating barriers of prejudice, misinformation, and bias about specific aspects of personal and social identity; most importantly, find tips for helping staff and children respect each other, themselves, and all people. Over the last two decades, educators across the nation and around the world have gained a wealth of… 

Anti-Bias Education in Challenging Times

Anti-bias education is inherently about change. This means embracing some level of uncertainty while holding tight to the vision of a more just world. Demographic changes, shifts in social views and

The Missing Links: Enhancing Anti-Bias Education with Anti-Racist Education

Fostering social justice in early childhood has generally been conceptualized to include an anti-bias curriculum, and to a lesser extent, anti-racist education. Over the years, however, scholars have

“Who’s got the power?”: A critical examination of the anti-bias curriculum

Ample research data indicate that young children recognize racial characteristics and subsequently exhibit both positive and negative racial attitudes toward their own and other racial groups. In the

Early Childhood Teachers' Approaches to Multicultural Education & Perceived Barriers to Disseminating Anti-Bias Messages.

Brigitte Vittrup is an associate professor of child development in the Department of Family Sciences at Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas. A lot of stereotypes and biased representations of

Building Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs: The Role of the Leader

education (ECCE) program puts diversity and equity goals at the center of all aspects of its organization and daily life. It involves much more than adding new materials and activities into the

Becoming Color-Conscious: Preparation to Address Young Children’s Curiosity about Race

Abstract When young children notice and comment about physical appearance differences often associated with race, adults may experience discomfort and uncertainty about how to respond. As a result,

Confronting and Countering Bias and Oppression through Early Childhood Policy and Practice: An Introduction

Across the globe, there has been sustained anti-bias and anti-oppressive scholarship and policy work addressing social inclusion in early childhood and teacher education, grounded in the work of

Multicultural Literature Education: A Story of Failure?

Multicultural educators believe that children absorb values from implicit messages in the stories they learn in school. To counteract the pernicious values communicated in traditional folk and fairy

Remixing and Reimagining the Early Childhood School Experiences of Brilliant Black Boys

As early as preschool, Black boys face low and negative expectations that contribute to excessive subjective-based discipline, over-referrals by teachers to special education, and under-referrals by

Anti-Bias Multicultural Education Using Children’s Literature

This action research project was completed to test the effects of reading and discussing multicultural children’s literature on young children’s positive self-concept and appreciation of human