Anti-Asian Discrimination and Antiracist Bystander Behaviors amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

  title={Anti-Asian Discrimination and Antiracist Bystander Behaviors amid the COVID-19 Outbreak},
  author={P. Priscilla Lui and Kishan S. Parikh and Shefali Katedia and Ernest N. Jouriles},
  journal={Asian American Journal of Psychology},
Anti-Asian racism is a public health concern, and it has escalated during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. Bystanders—individuals who directly witness or become aware of acts of racism—can help by discouraging perpetrations of discrimination (and other forms of violence), offering help and support to victims, and reinforcing antiracist prosocial norms. Yet, little is known about who engages in antiracist bystander interventions in response to discriminatory events, and who… 

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