Anthropophilic mosquitoes and malaria transmission at Edea, Cameroon.

  title={Anthropophilic mosquitoes and malaria transmission at Edea, Cameroon.},
  author={Vincent Robert and Gilbert Le Goff and Jean Claude Toto and Leontine Mulder and Etienne Fondjo and Lucien Manga and Pierre Carnevale},
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An entomological study was carried out during 1990 in the town of Edea in the south of Cameroon to study anthropophilic mosquitoes with special reference to malaria transmission. Man-biting mosquitoes were caught regularly during one night each month in two different districts: Bilalang which is a well planned suburb with 160 houses on a hill-top, provided with a piped water supply; and Pongo which is a densely urbanised suburb in a valley. From 188 man-nights 1030 mosquitoes were collected… CONTINUE READING