Anthropometric measurements of a sixty-year and older Mexican urban group

  title={Anthropometric measurements of a sixty-year and older Mexican urban group},
  author={M C Velasquez-Alva and Mar{\'i}a Esther Irigoyen and Marlene Zepeda and Vivian M. Sanchez and M P Garcia Cisneros and L ' ouvrage de M. Castillo},
  journal={The journal of nutrition, health & aging},
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In the Third World Countries, little attention has been paid to health and nutrition aspects of the elderly population. In Mexico, there are no data that provides anthropometric parameters of this group. The purpose of this study was to obtain anthropometric measurements of 60-year-old-and older Mexican men and women in Mexico City. A cross sectional study was carried out. The sample was selected from men and women registered as retired or pensioned by the Mexican Social Security Institute… CONTINUE READING