Anthropology of the Syrian Christians

  title={Anthropology of the Syrian Christians},
  author={Hervey De Witt Griswold},
THE Syrian Christians of Malabar are, in their way, one of the most interesting communities in India. Originally a single community, they afterwards divided themselves into various sects in circumstances over which they had no control, each with its divergent set of social customs and religious differences. Yet all of them claim equally to be descended from, and themselves to be, true followers of the Apostle Thomas. They have on many occasions attained prominence from their numerous and… 

Hindu Kingship and the Origin of Community: Religion, State and Society in Kerala, 1750–1850

Until recently the Malayalam-speaking region of southern India—once known as the Malabar coast and now the state of Kerala—was portrayed as a bastion of orthodox high Hinduism. The region's caste

A Prelude to the Study of Indigenous, Pre-European, Church Architecture of Kerala

Christianity is believed to have been first introduced to Kerala in 52 CE through St. Thomas, the Apostle. This paper introduces the traditional indigenous Church architecture of Kerala that existed

The Ingredients of Casteism: Holy Week and Syrian Christian Food Practices in Kerala, India

  • Sonja Thomas
  • Sociology
    South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
  • 2022
Abstract This article examines casteism and the food practices of dominant-caste Syrian Christians during Holy Week in Kerala, India. Kerala is often deemed to be educated, progressive and secular.

The Caste System Upside Down, or The Not-So-Mysterious East

It has been pointed out that in stratified societies, the evolutionary viability of the state rests in large part on the perfection of institutional structures that protect the ruling class from

Symmetry between Christians and Jews in India: the Cnanite Christians and the Cochin Jews of Kerala

Interrelation et points de ressemblance dans l'histoire, les usages, la tradition et la representation d'elles-memes de deux minorites religieuses du sud de l'Inde. Divers documents, notamment les

Parthian-India and Aksum: A geographical case for pre-Ezana early Christianity in Ethiopia

The narrative of Indian Christianity that is compositely based on Thomine tradition derives significantly from the reality of Parthian-India geo-economics and geopolitics. Although Aksumite trade and

Gendering colour: identity femininity and marriage in Kerala.

This paper uses ethnographic material on the Christian middle class in the South Indian state of Kerala to explore the significance of skin colour as symbolic capital for marriage and dowry

Money, Money, Money: Gift Exchange and Credit Giving in Coastal Kerala

For Kerala’s Latin Catholics, financial expenses related to life-cycle events like weddings, baptisms, funerals, and paying for children’s education or for medical treatment are customary

The Historical Traditions of the Jews of Kochi

Three very different types of data must be considered in any attempt at constructing a history of the ancient Jewish community of Kochi in Kerala. There are scant historical data—a third-century