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Anthropogenie oder Entwicklungsgeschichte des Menschen

  title={Anthropogenie oder Entwicklungsgeschichte des Menschen},
  author={Ernst Haeckel}
What Makes an Animal? The Molecular Quest for the Origin of the Animal Kingdom.
  • J. Paps
  • Biology
    Integrative and comparative biology
  • 2018
A recent study reconstructing the genome of the last common ancestor of extant animals has unveiled an unprecedented emergence of new genes, highlighting the role of genomic novelty in the origin of metazoans.
The authorship of higher chordate taxa
Nielsen, C. (2012). The authorship of higher chordate taxa. —Zoologica Scripta, 41, 435–436.
Concept of Burden in Evo-Devo
The concept of burden is intimately related to that of developmental constraint, and as such, it is central to evo-devo.
The Controversial Cope’s, Haeckel’s and Dollo’s Evolutionary Rules: The Role of Evolutionary Retrogradation
The goal of this chapter is to discuss old problems and recent polemics related to the famous Cope's, Dollo's and Haeckel’s rules, which concern phyletic size increase and terminal addition.
Using human pluripotent stem cell models to study autism in the era of big data
This review discusses four issues which influence the efficacy of hPSC models for studying autism, including (i) sources of variance, (ii) scale and format of study design, (iii) divergence from the human brain in vivo, and (iv) regulatory policies and compliance governing the use of h PSCs.
Ultrastructure and cytochemistry of intrauterine embryonic and larval stages of Ityogonimus lorum (Digenea: Brachylaimidae) involving transitory development of ciliated miracidia
Results of the present study provide ultrastructural evidence that miracidial morphogenesis is fully completed within the intrauterine eggs while in the most posterior uterine regions of Ityogonimus
An Introduction to Human Brain Evolutionary Studies
  • T. Preuss
  • Biology, Psychology
    Evolutionary Neuroscience
  • 2020
The Emergence of Mammals
  • T. Rowe
  • Biology
    Evolutionary Neuroscience
  • 2020
The Evolution of Language: Towards Gestural Hypotheses
A translation of Żywiczynski, P., Wacewicz, S. (2015): Ewolucja jezyka. W strone hipotez gesturalnych. Torun, Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK. This is a submitted manuscript version. The publisher should be