Anthropogenic burning and the Anthropocene in late-Holocene California

  title={Anthropogenic burning and the Anthropocene in late-Holocene California},
  author={Kent G. Lightfoot and Rob Q. Cuthrell},
  journal={The Holocene},
  pages={1581 - 1587}
  • Kent G. Lightfoot, Rob Q. Cuthrell
  • Published 2015
  • Geography
  • The Holocene
  • This paper examines the hypothesis that human landscape modifications involving early agriculture contributed to greenhouse gas emissions in preindustrial times, a proposal that has significant implications for the timing of the Anthropocene era. In synthesizing recent papers that both advocate and challenge this hypothesis, we identify a major bias in the ongoing debate, which focuses on the land clearance practices of agrarian people, with insufficient consideration of a diverse range of… CONTINUE READING
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