Anthropocene: event or epoch?

  title={Anthropocene: event or epoch?},
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Symbiosis of Urban Agglomeration vs. Natures Deterioration with Anthropocene; Odisha
Bhubaneswar, the city set up with Anthropocene; is suffering from forest losses, UHI upshot after the golden spike period (1980 onwards). It is associated with environmental, ecological and social
The Anthropocene as an Event, not an Epoch
Over the course of the last decade the concept of the Anthropocene has become widely established within and beyond the geoscientific literature but its boundaries remain undefined. Formal definition
Deep History Curricula under the Mandate of the Anthropocene
  • F. Riede
  • Sociology
    Futures of Education, Culture and Nature - Learning to Become
  • 2022
Whilst scientifically debated, the key insights encapsulated in the notion of the Anthropocene are profound: First, natural and cultural history – the fates of climate and the natural world on the