Anthropic Reasoning

  title={Anthropic Reasoning},
  author={Martin J. Rees},
  pages={1022 - 1023}
  • M. Rees
  • Published 12 August 2005
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Science
Astrophysical Naturalness
  • N. Soker
  • Physics, Geology
    Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
  • 2021
I suggest that stars introduce mass and density scales that lead to “naturalness” in the Universe. Namely, two ratios of order unity. 1) The combination of the stellar mass scale, M *(c, ℏ, G, m p ,
Natural Intelligence and Anthropic Reasoning
This paper aims to justify the concept of natural intelligence in the biosemiotic context. I will argue that the process of life is (i) a cognitive/semiotic process and (ii) that organisms, from
Human progress and drought sensitivity behavior.
Anthropic Principle’s Predicting Symmetric Distribution Matter Strata, Their Physics Laws, and Verifications
This paper shows anthropic principle’s predicting symmetric distribution matter strata, their physics laws, and verifications, concretely deduces characteristic time, energy, and temperature
TASI Lectures on Remnants from the String Landscape
Superstring theories are very promising theoretically, but the enormous landscape of string vacua and the (likely) very large underlying string scale imply that they may never be tested directly.
One hundred years of the cosmological constant: from “superfluous stunt” to dark energy
Abstract We present a centennial review of the history of the term known as the cosmological constant. First introduced to the general theory of relativity by Einstein in 1917 in order to describe a
Secret Codes of Scale Distribution of Different Matter Stratums from Planck Scale to the Sun-Scale, Proof of Anthropic Principle and Different Stratum Sciences
This paper discovers the secret codes of the scale distribution from Planck scale to the Sun-scale by using Planck length derived from three fundamental physics constants, i.e., gravitation constant
The Observer Strikes Back
In the modern quantum mechanics of cosmology observers are physical systems within the universe. They have no preferred role in the formulation of the theory nor in its predictions of third person