Anthrax lethal factor inhibition.

  title={Anthrax lethal factor inhibition.},
  author={Wesley L Shoop and Yong Xiong and Judyann Wiltsie and April M Woods and Jinjin Guo and James V Pivnichny and Tom Felcetto and Bruce F Michael and Anju Bansal and Richard T. Cummings and Barry R Cunningham and Arthur M. Friedlander and Cameron M Douglas and Shailendra B Patel and Douglas Wisniewski and Giovanna Scapin and Scott P. Salowe and Dennis M. Zaller and Kevin T. Chapman and Edward M. Scolnick and Dennis M Schmatz and Ken F Bartizal and Malcolm Maccoss and Jeffrey D. Hermes},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={102 22},
The primary virulence factor of Bacillus anthracis is a secreted zinc-dependent metalloprotease toxin known as lethal factor (LF) that is lethal to the host through disruption of signaling pathways, cell destruction, and circulatory shock. Inhibition of this proteolytic-based LF toxemia could be expected to provide therapeutic value in combination with an antibiotic during and immediately after an active anthrax infection. Herein is shown the crystal structure of an intimate complex between a… CONTINUE READING


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