Anthrax edema factor potency depends on mode of cell entry.

  title={Anthrax edema factor potency depends on mode of cell entry.},
  author={Jia Hong and Jeff A Beeler and Natalia L Zhukovskaya and Weisong He and Wei-Jen Tang and Marsha Rich Rosner},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={335 3},
Anthrax edema factor (EF) is a highly active calmodulin-dependent adenylyl cyclase toxin that can potently raise intracellular cAMP levels causing a broad range of tissue damage. EF needs anthrax protective antigen (PA) to enter into the host cell and together they form edema toxin. Here, we examine factors that are critical for edema toxin cell entry and potency. In Y1, 293T and mouse embryonic fibroblast cells, EF causes cell rounding, aggregation, and sometimes detachment via protein kinase… CONTINUE READING

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