Anthrax delivers a lethal blow to host immunity

  title={Anthrax delivers a lethal blow to host immunity},
  author={Michael N. Starnbach and Robert J. Collier},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
6 VOLUME 9 | NUMBER 8 | AUGUST 2003 NATURE MEDICINE Figure 1 Anthrax toxin action at the subcellular level. Protective antigen binds to a cellular receptor and is activated by a furin-family protease. The receptor-bound fragment, PA63, oligomerizes to a ring-shaped heptamer (the prepore), which then binds lethal factor or edema factor (or both). The complexes are endocytosed and trafficked to an acidic compartment, believed to be the endosome. There, the prepore inserts into the membrane and… CONTINUE READING


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