Anthracycline-derived chemotherapeutics in apoptosis and free radical cytotoxicity (Review).

  title={Anthracycline-derived chemotherapeutics in apoptosis and free radical cytotoxicity (Review).},
  author={Ingo M{\"u}ller and Dietrich Niethammer and Gernot Bruchelt},
  journal={International journal of molecular medicine},
  volume={1 2},
Anthracycline-derivatives are frequently used chemotherapeutics in treatment of numerous human malignancies. Anthracyclines are known for their complex cytotoxic mechanism involving i) inhibition of enzymes such as topoisomerase II, RNA polymerase, cytochrome c oxidase and others; ii) intercalation into DNA; iii) chelation of iron and generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS); iv) induction of apoptosis. Here, mechanistic aspects for successful cytostasis and for side effects, e.g… CONTINUE READING

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