Anthocyanin-sensitized solar cells using carbon nanotube films as counter electrodes.

  title={Anthocyanin-sensitized solar cells using carbon nanotube films as counter electrodes.},
  author={Hongwei Zhu and Haifeng Zeng and Venkatachalam Subramanian and Charan Masarapu and Kai-Hsuan Hung and Bingqing Wei},
  volume={19 46},
Carbon nanotube (CNT) films have been used as counter electrodes in natural dye-sensitized (anthocyanin-sensitized) solar cells to improve the cell performance. Compared with conventional cells using natural dye electrolytes and platinum as the counter electrodes, cells with a single-walled nanotube (SWNT) film counter electrode show comparable conversion efficiency, which is attributed to the increase in short circuit current density due to the high conductivity of the SWNT film. 

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