Anterior spinal artery syndrome in an adolescent with protein S deficiency.


The diagnosis of anterior spinal artery syndrome can be made with high accuracy by thorough clinical examination in combination with typical magnetic resonance imaging findings. Sudden onset of tetra- or paraparesis and dissociated sensory loss with bladder dysfunction are the leading clinical signs. We discuss clinical and radiologic findings in an adolescent presenting with anterior spinal artery syndrome. The laboratory results showed a hereditary protein S deficiency.


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@article{Ramelli2001AnteriorSA, title={Anterior spinal artery syndrome in an adolescent with protein S deficiency.}, author={Gian Paolo Ramelli and Rolf Wyttenbach and Nicolas-Xavier von der Weid and Ch Ozdoba}, journal={Journal of child neurology}, year={2001}, volume={16 2}, pages={134-5} }