Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: evaluation with MR imaging.

  title={Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: evaluation with MR imaging.},
  author={K M Rak and Scott D Gillogly and Richard A. Sch{\"a}fer and Wayne F J Yakes and R R Liljedahl},
  volume={178 2},
Fifty magnetic resonance (MR) imaging examinations were performed in 37 patients after arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with patellar bone-tendon-tibial bone autografts. T1-weighted sagittal and axial images were obtained. In 34 patients with clinically stable ACL autografts, 43 of 47 MR examinations demonstrated a well-defined, intact ACL autograft. All three patients with ACL laxity failed to demonstrate a well-defined autograft, for an overall correlation between… CONTINUE READING


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