Anterior cingulum white matter is altered in tobacco smokers.

  title={Anterior cingulum white matter is altered in tobacco smokers.},
  author={Selina Baeza-Loya and Kenia Marisela Velasquez and David Lucas Molfese and Humsini Viswanath and Kaylah Nicole Curtis and Daisy Gemma Yan Thompson-Lake and Philip Rupert Baldwin and Timothy M. Ellmore and Richard De La Garza and Ramiro Salas},
  journal={The American journal on addictions},
  volume={25 3},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is hypothesized to be involved in decision making and emotion regulation. Previous observations of drug dependent individuals indicate that substance dependence may be associated with cingulum white matter abnormalities. The present study evaluated cingulum white matter in cigarette smokers. METHODS Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in adult tobacco smokers and healthy non-smoker controls (total N = 70) was performed in a 3T Siemens… CONTINUE READING