Anterior cingulate activity correlates with blood pressure during stress.

  title={Anterior cingulate activity correlates with blood pressure during stress.},
  author={Peter J. Gianaros and Stuart W. G. Derbyshire and J Christopher May and Greg J. Siegle and Mark A Gamalo and J. Richard Jennings},
  volume={42 6},
The anterior cingulate cortex presumptively regulates blood pressure reactions to behavioral stressors. There is little evidence in humans, however, that stressor-evoked changes in blood pressure correlate with concurrent changes in anterior cingulate activity. Using fMRI, we tested whether changes in mean arterial blood pressure correlate with ongoing changes in blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) activation in 9 women and 11 men who completed a stressful Stroop color-word interference task… CONTINUE READING

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