Anterior-chamber hypoxia and iris vasculopathy in pseudoexfoliation syndrome.

  title={Anterior-chamber hypoxia and iris vasculopathy in pseudoexfoliation syndrome.},
  author={Horst Helbig and Ursula M. Schl{\"o}tzer-Schrehardt and Walter Noske and Ulrich Kellner and Michael H. Foerster and Gottfried O. H. Naumann},
  journal={German journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={3 3},
Iris vasculopathy is a well-recognized clinical feature in pseudoexfoliation syndrome (PES). In the present study we examined the morphology of the iris vasculature in PES using electron microscopy and we tested whether these iris vascular changes were correlated with an impaired oxygen supply to the anterior chamber. In the affected vessels we found a gradual degeneration of vascular cells, progressing from adventitial to endothelial cells, associated with the production of excess… CONTINUE READING


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