Anterior Urethral Valves: Not Such a Benign Condition…

  title={Anterior Urethral Valves: Not Such a Benign Condition…},
  author={Omar Cruz-Diaz and Anahi Salomon and Eran Rosenberg and Juan Manuel Moldes and Francisco Ignacio de Badiola and Andrew Scott Labbie and Rafael Gos{\'a}lbez and Miguel Alfredo Castellan},
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PURPOSE Anterior urethral valves (AUVs) is an unusual cause of congenital obstruction of the male urethra, being 15-30 times less common than posterior urethral valves (PUVs). It has been suggested that patients with congenital anterior urethral obstruction have a better prognosis than those with PUV, with less hydronephrosis, and a lower incidence of… CONTINUE READING