Anterior Regions of Monkey Parietal Cortex Process Visual 3D Shape

  title={Anterior Regions of Monkey Parietal Cortex Process Visual 3D Shape},
  author={J. -P. Durand and Koen Nelissen and Olivier Joly and Claire Wardak and James T. Todd and J. Farley Norman and Peter Janssen and Wim Vanduffel and Guy A. Orban},
The intraparietal cortex is involved in the control of visually guided actions, like reach-to-grasp movements, which require extracting the 3D shape and position of objects from 2D retinal images. Using fMRI in behaving monkeys, we investigated the role of the intraparietal cortex in processing stereoscopic information for recovering the depth structure and the position in depth of objects. We found that while several areas (CIP, LIP, and AIP on the lateral bank; PIP and MIP on the medial bank… CONTINUE READING