Antenna theory; analysis and design

  title={Antenna theory; analysis and design},
  author={Rajeev Bansal},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE},
  • R. Bansal
  • Published 1 July 1984
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the IEEE

Design and performance evaluation of microstrip antenna arrays

The proposed antenna design is a linear microstrip array antenna, yielding high gain and directivity, suitable for WLAN 802.11a application.

An Empirical Loss Model for an Additively Manufactured Luneburg Lens Antenna

This research applies Effective Medium Theory and 3D Finite Element Analysis to model the transmissive loss through a waveguide fed additively manufactured Luneburg lens. New results are presented

Electromagnetic Noise as Entropy Source for Cryptographic System

The proposed system consisting of telescopic whip antenna and software defined radio HackRF One takes advantage of the said fact to extract entropy and transform it into a random number which could be then used in cryptography.

Design of High Gain and Improved Front-to-Back Ratio Multilayer Microstrip Patch Antenna using Modified Feed Line

A novel high gain miniaturized rectangular microstrip patch antenna is proposed with a high front-to-back ratio (FBR) using a modified feed line and two single-sided substrate layers to operate at

Reinforcement Learning Based Power-Optimal Usage of Beamforming Antenna Array for Multi-Way Wireless Communication in Vehicular Traffic Environments

The number of antennas, gain and phase of each RF-chain driving an antenna are optimized dynamically using a constrained quadratic cost formulation encompassing channel quality, interference and power consumption, allowing quick bootstrapping of the bandit solver to find optimal array configurations in real-time vehicle environments.

Design Analysis of Array of Dipole Transmitters for Wireless Power Transfer

Considered in this work are the radiation aspects of a radio-frequency wireless power transfer system. Using the halfwave dipole as a candidate of choice, the current distribution on the antenna is

Circular Array of Endfire Yagi-Uda Monopoles with A Full 3600 Azimuthal Beam Scanning

A multi-port circular array of endfire Yagi-Uda monopoles with a full beam coverage of the azimuth plane is developed in this communication. The known issue that a vertical monopole antenna on a

Wi-Fi Antenna Design For E-Health Kit Based Biotelemetry Module

In rapidly developing technology, most of engineering applications need to be done remotely. An antenna is needed to transmit the values ​​received as a result of these remote studies. The antenna

Design of highly‐directive Night‐flowering Jasmine‐shaped printed radiator based array for Ku‐band applications †

This article presents a four‐elements linear array of highly directive radiators for Ku‐band satellite applications. The antenna array's sole element is a newly introduced nature‐inspired

Optimization and parametric analysis of slotted microstrip antenna using particle swarm optimization and curve fitting

This article presents an optimization and analysis of open‐ended “+” shape slotted microstrip antenna utilizing curve fitting‐based particle swarm optimization (PSO) for bandwidth (BW) enhancement



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