[Antenatal metastatic neuroblastoma: prognostic criteria. A case report].


Neuroblastoma, the most common malignant tumor in the neonatal period is metastatic in 25 to 50% of cases. While the prognosis of antenatal neuroblastoma is often considered as favorable, included in the most common metastatic stage (Stage IV S), it can lead to fetal or neonatal death. We report a case of a fetus with a stage IV neuroblastoma who died in utero. The most important prognostic factor is tumor stage, making sonographic detection of metastasis essential. Nevertheless, accurate staging remains difficult by sonography. When metastatic neuroblastoma is suspected, sonographic survey has to be reinforced, and if serious criteria such as massive hepatomegaly, placentomegally or hydrops appear, delivery must be considered.

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