Antenatal diagnosis and early surgery for choledochal cyst.

  title={Antenatal diagnosis and early surgery for choledochal cyst.},
  author={Charles Gordon Howell and John M. Templeton and S. S. Weiner and Marc Glassman and John T. Betts and Camillus L. Witzleben},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={18 4},
The pathogenesis and optimal treatment of choledochal cyst have long remained questions of considerable speculation and dispute. Because the pregnancy of a 37-year-old woman was felt to be at risk, five antenatal ultrasound examinations were made. The fourth examination at 31.5 weeks of gestation demonstrated a choledochal cyst. Following birth, the child was studied with repeat ultrasound examinations and scintigraphy. The results of these studies plus the findings at surgery contributed new… CONTINUE READING